Download Neutraface Condensed Light font at FontsMarket.com, the largest collection of amazing freely available fonts for Windows and Mac. What Google Font looks most similar to Neutraface Text? Anne, I agree with M. Raomie, Google Josefin Sans is one of several Google Fonts to investigate. You may come to like it better then Neutraface.

The neutral face text font is very popular since its release 2002. It has a lot of variations including lower x-height for text setting called neutral text. This font is very famously used in Fast Food chain Wendy’s.


The neutral face font is a geometric sans-serif typeface font designed by way of Christian Schwartz and launched via house Industries in 2002. It was the outcomes of a mission began by way of Schwartz to design “essentially the most typographically entire geometric sans serif loved ones ever”, situated on Richard Neutra’s concepts of structure and design.

Design of Neutraface Text

The neutraface text was once motivated by way of the design principles of architect Richard Neutra. Despite the fact that Neutraface was once conceived as a show and headline typeface, Neutraface text used to be created to counterpoint Neutraface show.

Quick meals chain Wendy’s famously uses Neutraface of their advertising material.

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Neutraface Condensed

If you take a look at this font design. It is very generally used, and Schwartz has commented. “I can not go away my rental without going for walks into an advert for a new condo progress using it, or a restaurant, or a new cookbook.

The neutral face text has been a totally general typeface within the print world considering that its unencumber, nonetheless, on the internet it isn’t used nearly as a lot.

It was additionally the discipline of a parody video of Lady Gaga’s tune “Poker Face” on YouTube, titled “Neutra Face: An Ode On A Typeface”.

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